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Hand Pain solution for Dallas
AccuCision™ Advantage

Exclusive Provider of the AccuCision™ Procedure.

Small incisions
4mm-7mm Incision Size

Scars are hidden in the creases of your wrist and palm.

Easy outpatient treatment
Outpatient Treatment

A procedure that fits into your schedule.

No stitches or hand pain after surgery
No Stitches After Surgery

Incisions are small enough to be covered with a band aid.

Short hand procedure
Shorter Procedure

Carpal Tunnel relief could be only minutes away.

Return to life quickly
Unrestricted Use in 7 Days

Hand freedom after one week of treatment.

No Pain after surgery
Less Tissue Damage

Less post-operative hand pain and faster healing

Experienced Dallas hand surgeons

with decades of experience.

** RENOVA physicians consider all treatment avenues and conservative forms of pain management before surgical intervention.

Hand Pain Management for Every Patient

Family of Pain Free HandsEvery part of your body is unique in form and function, but none connect you with the world like your hands. At Renova Hand Centers, hand pain has been the focus of years of study and attention – and now we focus on helping you, our patient. For over 20 years, thousands of people have come to our orthopaedic surgeons for all hand pain issues. We have developed the AccuCision™ hand procedure and have become the leaders in the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The doctors at Renova understand your time is precious. With no stitches required and a procedure time that often lasts only minutes, our doctors alleviate your hand pain quickly and get you back to your life. Our highly skilled, fellowship-trained doctors and medical professionals make pain free hands possible. If you or someone you know suffers from hand pain, contact us with any questions you may have, and our team of professionals will guide you down the road to a life of healthy hands.

Your hands are important to you. Your health is important to us.